Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Wish by Joseph Monninger

The book Wish by Joseph Monninger is the story about a girl named Bee and her brother, Tommy. Tommy is fascinated by sharks but, he has a cystic fibrosis. He will not live for a long time, so the Make-a-Wish foundation tries to fulfill Tommy's wish, to go diving with Great White sharks. Tommy is disappointed when they do not let him dive into the water, so his sister takes him to his role model, Ty, who had survived a shark attack, unscathed. Bee falls in love with Ty's younger brother, Little Brew. They try to teach Tommy how to surfboard, but he falls into the water. Because he has a breathing disorder, there is a very slim chance he will live. I liked how there were little facts about sharks scattered throughout the whole book. The book was well-written and captivating. Although Tommy knows that sharks can sometimes attack people, he says it is because people spend too much time in the shark's territory. Tommy always has a positive attitude. He never complains and always has a way of touching one's heart. Tommy's personality is one of the greatest things about the book.
Reviewer Age:13 Uxbridge, MA USA