Saturday, January 29, 2011

Other Words For Love, by Lorraine Zago Rosenthal

Ari Mitchell feels she is extraordinarily average - especially in comparison to her beautiful friend Summer who attends a prestigious private school in Manhattan. But when Ari receives an unexpected inheritance that allows her to attend Hollister Prep, it gives her hope that she will someday get into Parsons School of Design and become an artist. While at Hollister, Ari becomes friends with Leigh, who introduces her to her cousin Blake. Blake is older, attractive and wealthy - and Ari has never had a boyfriend before. Soon enough, Ari and Blake's relationship becomes serious. But when tragedy befalls Blake's family and he becomes distant, Ari has to deal with the subsequent break-up and the hard feelings that come after losing your first love.

I really enjoyed Other Words For Love. I loved that it was an historical novel in that in took place in 1985, however, it just seemed like a simpler twenty-first century. Everything was pretty much the same as now, except there were no computers, cell phones or iPods. It made the love story simpler in that there wasn't facebook or text messages complicating everything. It was fun reading about a time period that I missed living in by only a few years. Besides the setting, the characters in Other Words for Love were really strong. Ari is the responsible one, the daughter who will get a good education and have a career before she gets caught up in boy drama. But when she meets and falls in love with Blake, everything changes. Even though Ari's life starts going downhill, she still manages to fix everything in the end. I also loved reading the romance between Ari and Blake because they seemed like a real couple. Overall, Other Words for Love was a very well-written and sincere love story that girls of all ages will enjoy.

Reviewer Age:19
Reviewer City, State and Country: Aston, Pennsylvania United States