Monday, January 24, 2011

Museum of Thieves by Lian Tanner

The Museum of Thieves is about a girl named Goldie. She lives in the terrible city of Jewel that is ruled by the terrible Blessed Guardians. In Jewel, being bold means punishment chains, and impatience is a sin. Each child is bonded to a Blessed Guardian or parent by a guardchain. On Separation Day, the chains are removed and the children are free. Sadly, for Goldie, right before she was going to be separated a bomb exploded. Suddenly, the Fugelman (the leader of the Blessed Guardians) comes in running and screaming. The ceremony ends abruptly. Goldie runs away from the grand hall and eventually finds herself at the marvelous Museum of Dunt. The museum keepers protect her from the Blesseed Guardians. She becomes the fifth keeper. At the museum there are two nearly extinct animals, Morg the slaughter bird and the Broo the brizzle hound. Morg is the pet of Toadspit, one of the keepers and Broo helps the keepers with their daily tasks. Among the many rooms at the museum are the war rooms. The "Dirty Gate" guards the war rooms and protects everyone from what is in them. The Fugelman comes to the museum to open the Dirty Gate. Goldie works with the keepers to protect the museum.

The author provides a good and interesting story. The Museum of Dunt has a vivid setting. It is easy to see the buildings in your mind as you read the book. This book is dark and scary in some parts, but most of the time it is light and adventurous. The author closes the story very well. There are some open items that could be used in a sequel. The novel is written in third person narrative. This book is appropriate for 10-14 year old readers.

This book is very good and would make my "top ten" list. There is nothing obvious that could be added to make it better. I would recommend this to others who are looking for an exciting page-turner. The Keeper series could easily match up to the Harry Potter and Percy Jackson series.

Reviewer Age:10    Uxbridge, MA USA