Thursday, January 06, 2011

Heaven's Superhero by Jason Krumbine

Heaven's Superhero takes place on the third of seven parallel worlds created at the beginning of time. These worlds, or creations, are monitored and protected by Heaven's police force of angels. Daniel, one of Heaven's angels, is sent to the third creation after increased demonic activity is detected surrounding the multinational corporation, Halo Inc. When Daniel starts piecing clues together, he uncovers a sinister plot aimed at starting a war between Heaven and Hell. Along with the help of Sara Linfield, a company executive in the middle of a corporate war with Halo Inc., Daniel is in a race against time to stop those trying to take complete control of the third creation while avoiding government execution robots and bloodthirsty demons.
One of the greatest strengths of this book is its pace. Despite Daniel and Sara being on the run for decent amount of the story, clues and action scenes are spaced perfectly in this interval to keep the reader hooked. I was really intrigued by the author's vision and description of the angelic and demonic characters. Jason Krumbine's depiction of the Heaven vs. Hell theme allows readers to relate to the characters in a very human way while also recognizing that they are higher beings. One aspect that could be improved is the strands of plot. I felt that these different avenues could have been woven together in a tighter way. Nevertheless, Heaven's Superhero is a great book for action and fantasy readers who enjoy a fast pace.

Reviewer Age:20
Reviewer City, State and Country: Eden Prairie, Minnesota United States