Friday, January 28, 2011

Fallen Angel by Heather Terrell

Ellie, a seemingly normal girl, is anything but ordinary. Her first day back to school and a mysterious boy catches her attention; Michael.  Like Ellie he is anything but ordinary. Upon their next meeting they instantly connect and feel that they are made for each other. Every night Ellie dreams of flying and Michael shows her this is no dream--she can fly and also read people's minds by touching them and by tasting their blood.  This leads to the conclusion that Michael and she are vampires. One night when she is supposed to meet Michael, her parents catch her and tell her the truth; well half of the truth anyway.  While Ellie learns the truth Michael does as well from a different source; Ezekiel. Though grounded Ellie manages to sneak a quick visit with Michael, but to her surprise Michael has joined forces with Ezekiel and now plans for her to join them as well.  With no other choice Ellie decides to leave her home and search for answers on her own all the while avoiding being captured by Ezekiel.