Sunday, January 02, 2011

The Christian Lady's Dating Constitution... by Jessica Martin

"The Christian Lady's Dating Constitution" by Jessica Martin is all about how Christian--and all--women deserve to be treated in a relationship. Martin outlines a woman's rights and uncovers some very big myths in the dating world. Copious Bible verses are quoted--hence the Christian theme--but the overall message of the book is for all. Different types of abuse (physical, emotional, mental, etc) are gone over. Case studies are even included where the reader have room to write down what she would have done in each situation.

This book does not talk about how to date or how to get a boyfriend. It is not that type of book. Rather, it is all about what abuse is, how to recognize it, and what steps to take to stop it. Statistics and hotlines make the book feel a bit more professional. The way the writing read, it sounds like the author is speaking one-on-one to the reader; she even shares her own story of abuse. My only criticism is that the syntax with commas and semicolons is not where it should be.
domestic abuse and its warning signs are discussed
Reviewer Age:19
Reviewer City, State and Country: Troy, NY USA