Monday, December 20, 2010

THE WAR ON DESTINY by J. Sciancalepore

Jenny Martinson, the sixteen-year-old main character in THE WAR ON DESTINY, possesses a very cynical outlook on the world.  After a visit to her oblivious guidance counselor and experiencing strange results on a website, Jenny is suddenly pulled into an adventure she never expected.
  Guided by two mini-soldiers, Jenny journeys into an alternate world with her two best friends.  Once there, she battles evil creatures and learns that she could quite possibly be ruler of this new kingdom.  However, things are more complicated than they seem and there is a twist waiting for Jenny and her companions at every turn.
  I found this book enjoyable, as the characters were all very realistic and there was plenty of action.  Every character had a unique personality, even those that could not talk, and this allowed me to picture them as actual people/creatures more easily.  Also, the author often showed character thoughts, which let me understand each character better.  The story was definitely suspenseful and it proved quite unpredictable.  Jenny, as the narrator, was very sarcastic in the way she acted and what she said.  I found this sarcasm very funny.  At parts, the book was slow and there were other pats that required more detail, but overall I really enjoyed the sardonic humor of the characters and the interesting plotline.  I recommend this book to fans of adventure, fantasy, and sarcasm.

Reviewer Age:15
Reviewer City, State and Country: Needham, Massachusetts United States