Sunday, December 05, 2010

The Properties of Water by Hannah Roberts McKinnon

The Properties of Water is a book about a girl
named Lace who's sister Marni has a medical condition. She
almost drowns underwater after she jumps off Turtle Rock .
Lace's mom and sister are at a far away hospital for
people like Marni. Lace and her dad are home by themselves
and her dad can't handle it, so he hires a helper named
Willa Dodge. Lace thinks that Willa Dodge is a thief, so
she keeps a close eye on her. But Lace finds out something
about Willa besides stolen goods.

At first reading The Properties of Water I didn't
really like it. I thought it was a little unorganized.
But after I found out why Marni and her mom were so far
away I started understanding it and liking it. I
recommend this book for people who like finding things out
later in the story rather than all in the beginning. I
think that The Properties of Water is kind of a mysterious

Reviewer Age:10
Reviewer City, State and Country:
Claremont, N.H U.S.A