Monday, November 01, 2010

Secrets: You Tell Me Yours and I'll Tell You Mine.....Maybe by Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein

Filling the pages of her beloved journal, the main character, known as the Girl, chronicles her life as she begins to make the transition into becoming a teenager. Along the way, the Girl encounters numerous life altering events. For example, the Girl writes in her journal how after she moves to a new home in a new town she must cope with becoming the new kid again as she starts at a new school. The Girl also writes about how she learns that growing up means growing apart (both physically and mentally)from former friends as she finds herself missing her friends in her previous town less and less. The Girl also describes in her journal how she now finds herself to be a daughter of three as she learns to deal with having a new baby in the house. As the Girl continues to write in her journal she finds herself becoming older and wiser as she now must face the challenges of dealing with death, boys, and other teenage drama.

Personally, I didn't really enjoy reading this book. Supposedly being a similar age as the main character of this book, I didn't find it as relatable or realistic as I would have hoped. I was also a bit confused at the time period of this book, as the Girl talks about reading Nancy Drew books, goes to Junior High, and rubs oil on herself when going out in the sun all of which seem to have been common in years past and not necessarily now. I also found the repetitive ending of "and that's the truth" at the end of many of the journal entries to become tedious and boring. Although I have not read the first book of Dr. Holstein's Secrets series, it is likely that those who enjoyed reading the first book of this series may want to consider reading this sequel, that said, I did not enjoy this book.

Reviewer Age:14
Reviewer City, State and Country: Potomac, Maryland United States of America