Monday, November 08, 2010


Matched, by Ally Condie, is about a 17-year-old girl named Cassia Reyes. Cassia lives in a futuristic society where choices are made for you – what you eat, what you wear, what your job is, even who you marry and when you die. During the Matching Ceremony, girls are shown the picture of their future spouse. At first, Xander, her best friend, appears on the screen. And then something unexpected happens. Another picture appears; another possible match. Cassia, once having no choices at all, is forced to decide between Xander and Ky, between obedience and rebellion. She must choose a perfect life or one she writes for herself.

Matched was an amazing book. The characters were well developed and unique. They showed realistic emotion and reacted to situations in ways that worked with their individual personalities. The plot kept me on my toes, because the controlling government was always there in the background watching the characters' every move. The tension between having a perfect life but wanting the right to make your own decisions is one that relates to the world now. Governments make laws, and the people are expected to follow them, regardless. Matched really made me question authority and why some people are in charge and able to make choices for everyone else. Along with the great characters and plot, I loved how Condie offered insight into memories and background information through Cassia's thoughts. Those, along with the little details about Grandfather, her parents, and Bram made the Society and story seem very real. I would recommend Matched to fans of The Hunger Games and the Uglies series, and to any teenager who is starting to question their world and how much freedom people should have.

Reviewer Age:15

Reviewer City, State and Country: Lederach, Pennsylvania, United States