Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Factotum by D.M. Cornish

Rossamnd Bookchild is not human. In fact, he learns that he is a monster while searching the world for the truth about himself. He knows nothing about his parents or where he came from. Rossamnd lives under Europe's gaze, the most famous monster hunter in the Half-Continent. He takes the position of factotum under Europe's watch and gives her complete loyalty. As she teaches him what it takes to be a monster hunter, strong powers are tracking Rossamnd down because they believe that he has a secret.

My initial reactions to the novel were how well Rossamnd's emotions are displayed and the great dialogue. I enjoyed reading the conversations between characters because of their word choice. In the very beginning of the novel, the crew of the Widgeon speaks how one would imagine sailors speak, and this makes the dialogue interesting. The author also describes the setting in a detailed manner.  I felt as though I was walking through the rooms as Rossamnd walked. I recommend this book to those who have read the first two in the trilogy and who enjoy fantasy novels.

Reviewer Age:17

Reviewer City, State and Country: Carlisle, Pennsylvania United States of America