Monday, November 01, 2010

The Black Pearl by Scott O'Dell

Ramon Salazar, a sixteen year old living in La Paz, a town next to the Vermillion Sea, has been in volved with the sea ever since he was born. His father, Blas Salzar who is owns one of the most famous pearling companies in the area and he plans to make Ramon one of the chairmen. When Ramon goes on his first dive he soon figures out that he won't be given any of the real jobs due to everyone's fear of the Manta Diablo, a mythical manta ray that is huge. Ramon longs to actually dive for pearls so he sneaks away to learn how to dive from a teacher who allows him to dive. As he learns to dive he begins to venture towards the cave of Manta Diablo where he finds the Pearl of Heaven, a black pearl so large that it is normally thought to just be a lie, but his teacher warns him to give it back or else the Diablo will get you and take the pearl by force. As he takes this a joke and goes home strange things begin to happen, then as his father goes out to sea his whole fleet is destroyed by a storm and no one besides a man named Gasper Ruiz survives. Now Ramon realizes his grave mistake and how his teacher was correct. How will Ramon set things right and will he have the strength to do what's right?

I really thought that this book was suspenseful, interesting, and action filled. It was a fast paced book that really brought you into the situation that Ramon was facing. Every step of the way you could feel the danger and emotion, it really made it hard to put this book down. I especially enjoyed the setting of this as it takes place at the high seas where nothing is predictable and the description of it is very beautiful. When his father dies the reader can easily see the grief and confusion going through Ramon's head. Ramon is a genuine character, the way that he acts and talks is very real and likable, he seems just like a regular teenager. The books main strength was the detailed action sequences that really kept the book flowing, they liven up the atmosphere and left the reader craving for more. This book is one the best that I have read in a long time.

Reviewer Age:13
Reviewer City, State and Country: Kansas City, KS USA