Thursday, November 04, 2010

The Absolute Valve of-1 by Steve Brezenoff

Remember the days of simple math. Remember the term "absolute value?" Those straight and serious bars meant the distance between the number and zero on the number line. Three kids start on different places in the number line. Lily starts on zero. Lily has an ok life. Her mother is going out with a proctologist who Lily doesn't particularly like, but on the plus side, Lily excels in higher placement math. Lily has two best friends, Noah and Simon. Lily's life revolves around Simon. Lily flirts and eventually she and Simon have a positive relationship. Like math though, Lily sees the positives and negatives of life and wonders how far she really is away from going to back to zero on the number line.
Lily's friend, Noah, starts on negative two on the number line. Noah has loved Lily. He sees Lily go after Simon and just wants to be sick. Simon tries all he can to get Lily to like him, but sees that maybe even the absolute values of his success will always stay negative.
Simon starts his story on positive three on the number line of life. Simon has a good relationship with his parents and the only bad thing about them is they nag about him smoking, but he can quit if he wants to. Simon loves his sister. His sister means the world to him. Simon even has a great relationship with Lily. All of a sudden, shocking news come out about his father. Simon learns that the absolute value to friendship and love isn't always set in stone by those bars. He learns that the distance can change for the better of for the worse in a matter of seconds.

The Absolute value of -1 is a book like no other because of the writing style. The book is broken down into three main kid's point of view. The points of view are usually short except for Simon's point of view is the longest and what the book is mostly about. Also, Simon's view is the very end point of view so it does leave you with some questions as to why he was acting so strange in the other kid's points of view. Although, the good thing about having his end is that all questions are answered. This type of writing style really brings out the characters and helps you understand them much more. Most all of the characters talk about the same events, so it helps to understand why one character did something and how it affected the other character. I would recommend this book only to mature readers because of language and the use of drugs. The characters often smoking and there are a few sex scenes.

Language, use of drugs, and sex

Reviewer Age:15
Reviewer City, State and Country: Brownsburg, Indiana United States