Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Xilse by Steve Augarde

It's the near, dim future and the earth has sprung into an epidemic of floods. The whole surface is flooded, only the roofs of old abandoned houses are left in the horizon with the exception of vast never ending sea. One island is a beacon of hope for young boys with the right goods. Baz is one of these boys and he is ready to flee from the mainland. Little does he know that the island is no vacation? In fact it is hard work. Preacher John, the cruel island leader, is a whole new level of creeper. He thinks human sacrifice is the answer. Baz and the other boys must band together and stop this crazed man before things go too far. Baz, riding on pure survival instincts and hope, must stop the evil workings of Preacher John.

The setting is almost pirate-like with all the boats and endless water. You definitely feel like you are in the setting, I can see it with vast clarity. The mood was tricky to depicter; I would say it is a dark dystopian feel. Like the world is in a panic state. Everything is gloomy. Even the main character is a downer. Most characters fly off the page but Baz just seemed to be flat. The author just seemed to write the story, perhaps the type of narration is the cause for this, but it doesn't seem exciting. No humor was used in the writing of this story. I love a book that has funny jokes spread throughout it and this one didn't.

I think the author's goal in writing this was achieved because it's a world plagued by destruction it won't be very happy or exciting so my opinion is merging with the facts, thus I must clarify. This book was a decent read, though not entertaining to me and my likes it could captivate another reader beyond their ability to contain it, they may yell from the rooftops proclaiming their love for this book. I just don't feel it. I think the writing was very effective in its purpose, to covey a sorrowful story of a world in peril. Not beautiful but meaningful, it promises light at the end of a dark and damp tunnel.

One strength this book conveyed was its impeccable setting description, you could feel the setting around you, a major plus. One weakness I found was the fact that it didn't hold my attention. Like the Hunger Games and Inside out there is a disrupted leadership, that when the people combined they concur, but again the main character wasn't bold enough to stand with Katniss or Trella.

I must be frank about this book. It wasn't very exciting at all in the beginning. I had to keep kicking myself to read it. And after awhile I got tired of king myself so I skipped pages to get to the end. Perhaps the book was just too slow or I was expecting a faster story none the less it didn't hit the spot for me. I enjoyed the twisted ending and all the surprises thrown in, it was the kind of adventure I was looking for. To improve this book I would say shorten it up and leave some details to the imagination.

What I learned from this book is that despite the looming fog and darkness that there is land looming near, that light at the end of the tunnel will be close. I might recommend this book but it depends on the person really. Most likely I will recommend it to somebody but not now.

Reviewer Age:18
Reviewer City, State and Country: Peoria, Arizona US