Sunday, September 05, 2010

Venom: This is an ebook

This book takes place in a world where supernatural powers and beings are not uncommon. Gin Blanco is a young woman with those kinds of powers. Her family was killed by Mab Monroe. The family had been a target because of the feud between Gin Blanco's mother and Mab. Gin saved her baby sister, but doesn't know where she is. Flash forward, one of Mab's "friends" is having a problem with one of Mab's workers. Gin sees the problem. She decides to take action. When all is said and done, Gin decides that she will take out Mab's workers one by one until she can get to Mab to take her revenge.

In my opinion, this book was okay. It had some good parts where there was action and it was unpredictable. I had a hard time liking the "good" character Gin. She swears and kills. There were spots where the story seemed to move a bit slowly, but it picked up again. I would suggest this book to people who like action and fantasy books, especially to those who like strong female characters. It did leave me wanting to know more about the characters.

There is killing and swearing.

Reviewer Age:11
Reviewer City, State and Country: Jamestown, ND United States