Thursday, September 16, 2010

eBully by David Conifer

Scott Halifax is a kid who knows the system. He never knew his parents, has been through four foster homes, and is now doing time at the County Youth Detention Center for shoplifting. Steve Lukather is a vice principle at Lakeland Middle School. One of his students tried to commit suicide after a horrific incident of internet bullying the previous year. Now, another student is a victim of an eBully and she appears to be going the same way. Lukather approaches Scott with a deal. Work undercover to find the bully and Lukather will clear Scott's juvenile record. Carly Gillette is the bully's victim. She does not know why this is happening and has never done anything to warrant this type of treatment& right?

As a past victim of internet bullying and a resident of an area where a high school student recently killed herself due to bullying, I was quite eager to read this book. It is simple to read and keeps the reader hooked. The characters are likable and the reader feels as if they, too, are experiencing the pain that Carly does as the bully becomes more and more vicious with their taunts and threats. This book is a good read, not only because of the story but also, the message behind the story. Bullying, online and otherwise, is a serious problem. This book does a wonderful job of illustrating that in a way for everyone to understand makes it so the reader is capable of entering the head of the bullying victim.

Reviewer Age:17
Reviewer City, State and Country: Leverett, Ma USA