Thursday, September 02, 2010

Draw the Dark by Lisa J. Bick

Christian Cage is a very...different 17 year-old. He has lived with his uncle ever since his parents disappeared when he was a baby. When Christian grew older he realized he hears voices from a place he calls the sideways place where he believes his mother and father are trapped. Christian obsessively draws his mothers eyes hoping he can somehow get to where they are and save them. While Christian is trying to figure out what to do he stumbles upon a mystery in the small town he lives in, Winter, Wisconsin. A dead baby is found in a house that has been abandoned for years and know one knows how it got there. Christian also starts seeing visions of a boy from the same town only from years ago in the past. As he learns more about the secret past of Winter and the little boy, Christian knows that these events are connected somehow and that by figuring out about the buried secrets of the small town of Winter things will be unearthed and shaken that some people have kept secret since WWII.

The way the author wrote this book makes it very confusing until all the pieces are revealed. This book is a very dark book which is good for some parts but sometimes just makes the book eerie and creepy. Good parts about this book are that the author is very descriptive and places you right in the setting of the book. Also that the plot is very thought out and every bit of information you get is placed there for a reason. I think this book would have to be one of those books that you have to read at least another time to fully understand all the parts that you didn't pick up on the first time around. Over all it was an okay book, better than some books I've picked up on Flamingnet and one of the better written ones I've read on this site but not the best book I've ever read.
Reviewer Age:15
Reviewer City, State and Country: Loves Park, Illinios United States