Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Invisible City, by M.G. Harris

When Joshua Garcia's father dies in a plane crash in Mexico, Josh decides to find out the mystery behind his father's death. He starts a blog about his journey, and finds a friend in one of his faithful readers, Ollie. After discovering some evidence of the reason behind his father's disappearance, Josh teams up with Ollie and Tyler, a boy from his Capoeira class to decipher some hieroglyphics on the ancient document. They discover that it is half of a letter telling where the IX Codex is. The IX Codex was said to contain information about the end the world that the Mayans had predicted centuries previously. Their findings lead to a trip to Mexico. But they are not alone in trying to find out why Mr. Garcia ventured to Mexico in the first place. An international hit man is on his tail and the CIA agents are close behind the trio. The agents delay Ollie and Tyler at a hotel to question them about their findings regarding the document. Josh escapes and continues the journey to find the lost city of Ek Naab with the hit man hot on his heels. When he uncovers the secret of Ek Naab, his life changes forever. And he is now the keeper of the best kept secret in the history of all mankind.

I loved this book! It was very intense at times, such as during the car chases and when the main characters were getting shot at and being driven into a lake, and heartbreaking when you experience the internal debate in Josh when he has to decide to save himself and leave his sister behind to drown in the rapidly sinking car. Times like those I wanted to cry as if I were Josh. The author made me feel as if Joshua's struggles and my own were one, just as I could find myself running through beautiful Central American jungles and journeying through the forgotten city Ek Naab. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves action-packed books with great storylines. This book has a bit of everything in it; action, deceit, heartbreak, betrayal, and a tiny spark of romance.

Rating: 9
Content: 1

Reviewer Age:13

Reviewer City, State and Country: Garden Ridge, Texas USA