Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Fairy Godmother Academy by Jan Bozarth

Kerka’s little sister, seven year old Biba has never spoken and her older sister Rona has used dance as a hideout since their mother died. When Kerka lands in the dream world of Adventurine once again, she is sent on a quest to find Biba’s voice. Braving glass fish, a wolf, slick ice, and a trio of cranky elves (If any elves read this I’m very sorry) Kerka sets out on her journey. Along the way Kerka finds the missing pieces to herself and Rona. Kerka learns Biba’s voice may be a little closer than she thought.

This book is action-packed and exciting. As Kerka is a Fairy-Godmother-In-The-Making everything is explained well for someone who hasn’t read the first book (I would know). The author did a great job describing this book. I can feel the ice slide beneath my feet and see the ribbon of wind that carried Kerka. I would recommend this to any fantasy lover looking for an original book.

Reviewer Age:10
Reviewer City, State and Country: Rockwell City, IA USA