Sunday, August 01, 2010

The Eternal Ones by Kirsten Miller

The Eternal ones is about the concept of reincarnation and
ever lasting love. In it, a girl named Haven has both of
these things, she is reincarnated to find her ever lasting
love. This love comes in the form of Iain, a sexy rich bad
boy, who rocks the tabloids and rocks the ladies. But this
is not Haven and Iain's first time meeting each other,
they have been in love for many thousands of years, with
different names and different appearances, always finding
each other and searching for that happy ending. We mainly
focus on their last meeting, as two people named Constance
and Ethan, a couple which tragically perished in a fire in
each others arms. Throughout the book, we question whether
Ethan/Iain really loves Haven, and whether he could have
started the fire that ended his life. We also look into
the existence of the devil, who may or may not be the
reason that Constance and Ethan didn't get there happily
ever after in the first place. Find out what happens in
The Eternal Ones.

As you can see, this is an extremely
complicated book. It has a fantastic plot line that leaves
you frantically flipping pages late into the night. The
wonderful descriptions make you feel like you could call
Haven up and ask about her day. However, sometimes the
plot line doubles back onto its self, making the book not
only complicated but extremely confusing and hard to get
through at some parts. Also, the twist at the end was TO
twisted, making the ending not good enough. It was
unrealistic to the plot (and that's really saying
something in a book all about people coming back to life
tens of hundreds of times) and made it so the ending to
this book didn't settle well in your stomach. So, in
conclusion, if you have any interest at all in
reincarnation, or just these concepts, this book is a
fantastic read, but if you aren't capable of getting so
caught up in a book that you can overlook some bad parts,
then just don't bother.

This book deals with some
difficult subject matter.
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Reviewer Age:13

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