Thursday, August 05, 2010

black Dust Mambo by Adrian Phoenix

Kallie Riviere is a hoodoo apprentice visiting the Hecaten Alliance's annual carnival. However, Kallie finds herself as a suspected murderer when her lover is found dead in her bed. Now she has to find a way to clear her name and protect all the people she loves. Kallie's search leads her to Gabrielle, Kallie's aunt, who has helped her through her difficult past. The more Kallie searches, the more likely that it seems that Gabrielle is the person who wants her dead.

This book was not one of my favorites. The characters were well developed and realistic, but the story just kind of dragged on. It was kind of confusing at parts because I don't know a lot about hoodoo magic and that is mainly what this book was about. There were a couple sex scenes that were kind of unnecessary and I wish had not been included. This is a book for mature readers.

Reviewer Age:15
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