Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Summer of the Geek by Piper Banks

Summer of the Geek by Piper Banks is about a funny, sweet, smart, and charismatic teen named Miranda who faces obstacles in what is supposed to be a good summer. First she lands a job babysitting a young piano player, which is good right? Wrong. The young girl, Amelia, is more interested in practicing her piano than talking to Miranda. Miranda makes efforts to open Amelia's eyes to new things but nothing seems to work. While doing this Miranda worries about her parents continuous arguing, her spoiled and model-like sister, and her hunky boyfriend's ex girlfriend suddenly showing her face around town. Not to mention, her boyfriend has been acting very suspicious lately. But the most important and exciting decision Miranda must make is also the most life changing and relationship ruining decision. This decision could change her life for- well ever. In the end, all ends well and Miranda helps others and herself get through the summer of a lifetime.
Summer of the Geek by Piper Banks was a very enjoyable book. It did not rank high in my 'Top Ten Books List', but it is still very enjoyable. The writing is acceptable. It has its moments with witty outbursts and funny scenes but nothing too exemplary. For the most part, it reminds me of every other teen book: plain, and no significant underlying message. It has an interesting story line, sure, but is this story really going to change the reader's outlook on things? Probably not. The characters are very individual and thoughtful, but they don't get far past that. The writing style is rather good. It is light-hearted and cheerful throughout the book. This is a good read for summer, especially if you'd like a light, cheerful, book on the side of all your summer fun. But probably not a book that will change your view, or impact your life.

Reviewer Age:13
Reviewer City, State and Country: Cedar Park, Texas U.S.A.