Thursday, July 01, 2010

Keyholders 4: The Wrong Side of Magic by Debbie Dadey

Keyholders # 4
The Wrong Side of Magic

This story is about a magical world on the other side of a border where evil creatures live, including trolls and shape shifters.

The main characters are friends, Natalie, Luke and Penny. They are apprentice key holders. A key holder is someone who holds the keys to the border and protects the border from being breached by the evil doers.

The story begins when a troll crosses the border and the adventures continue as some of the other evil creatures try to take over the town and the human's bodies. Natalie, Luke and Penny work to save the world from them.

This book was interesting and entertaining. It kept me excited and wanting to know what would happen next. Anyone who likes books about adventure, will love The Keyholders four.

Natalie, Luke and Penny are the three main characters. Natalie is prissy, Penny is smart and Luke is always up for adventure. I liked them all and it did make me like the book more. Also, it made me want to read the other Keyholder books.

The book was not really funny, it was more of an adventure book. As for the end, I wish I had known for sure that all of the people who had their mind's taken over, were all ok. I know the main characters and their friends were ok, but I wasn't sure about everybody else.

I just finished book Five of Harry Potter. This is the kind of book I can read into between The Harry Potter books when I take a break because it is very short and you can get to the story and the end very quickly.

I would recommend the book because it did keep my attention and I will read the other books in this series now.

Reviewer Age:8
Reviewer City, State and Country: Phoenix, MD USA