Friday, January 01, 2010

Werewolf Dreams by Maria Anderson

Werewolf Dreams is a book about a teenage werewolf, named Seamus Sullivan, who spends his life dedicated to the New City police force. Seamus takes many risks as a police officer, seeing as he's really a werewolf and not just your every day cop. But all is not well, Someone is onto Seamus and his furry little secret. Lyman Newlin a previously famous reporter for the New City Chronicle has written an article about Seamus questioning how he can time and time again escape from danger unharmed. This leads Seamus's Captain to put him on the night shift, just until things cool down and this reporter forgets about everthing, that is. Little does the Captain know that by doing this he may have set Seamus up for his...well shall we just say that Seamus is going to have a little run in with destiny and it might just bite back.

Werewolf Dreams stands well against the many supernatural books that are out there to be read. I have read many werewolf themed books but this one gave new life to the Genre, there is pretty much everything in Werewolf dreams; action, romance, comedy and just a little bit of the unknown.
While reading this book I became drawn into the world that Maria Anderson has created, she not only gave life to unique characters, but she created a whole new world in which they live in.

This book is fairly easy to read, and you will have no trouble fallowing the plot. Although there is action and a touch a violence in this book, it is all written very well and there was never a point where I found it to be overwelming.

I would recommend this book to anyone who likes to read about werewolves, finding romance, destiny, and of course some fighting scenes.

Reviewer Age:17
Reviewer City, State and Country: North Oaks, Minnesota USA

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