Sunday, January 24, 2010

Walk Back by Peter Cosentino

A lot has changed in the year 2005705. This is the time that Peter Cosentino's sci-fi fantasy novel Walk Back, is for the majority, set. Idris, Tedrin, and Lorcan three older teenagers from this time are beginning a perilous journey, in which they are thrown out of their gated city and must make the dangerous hike back on foot. This tradition gains the survivors initiation into adulthood and is known as the walk back . But it is far from easy, sand storms and volcanoes are nothing to worry about when compared with unruly beasts attacking from all sides. Fierce life-size mosquitoes creatures, giant rat nest and vicious reptiles are just some of the creatures the trio must combat to collect what they need and arrive back home safely. In the present time, 2008, scientists Rupert, Stella and Leonard fall upon a scientific breakthrough that allows them to transport into the future. The ill-usage of this treasure lands the scientist into Idris, Tedrin, and Lorcan's time and the walk back zone. Both groups' adventures and abilities become entwined.

Walk Back was a fast paced and interesting read that twisted and turned until the very end. Lots of information about the plot and heavy description is given throughout the book which I found was both a highlight and a hindrance. The author found a good balance between the adventure of the walk back and the sci-fi of the time travel which kept the story exciting and new. Personally, I feel that most of the fighting and depiction of fictional creatures was wasted on me as this is not my preferred genre and I can become lost in lengthy portrayals of either. For those who enjoy science fiction and adventure novels Walk Back by Peter Cosentino would be an encapsulating read and a twist on the stereotype of each genre. Walk Back would be suited to ages from 13 years.

Reviewer Age:15
Reviewer City, State and Country: Melbourne , Victoria Australia