Friday, January 08, 2010

Three Witches by Paula Jolin

Aliya, Gillian, and Simona all were involved with the same guy, but in different ways. Trevor Saunders is dead and they all still have things they need to say to him. These three girls are very differnet and Trevor is the only thing that brings them together. Aliya was in love with him, even though her parents don't approve because of her religion and race. Gillian needs the money he never gave her. Simona wishes that she didn't get drunk and scream at him on that horrible night when he died. Trevor is not coming back. How will these girls be able to contact the dead? Can they do it?

This book was written by Paula Jolin, who had a very creative plot. This book was interesting, yet it could get a little boring and confusing at times. The ending definitely interested me. This story could be realistic at points. People may have different relationships with certain people than others so I could definitely relate to Three Witches. It had a supernatural plot so I would recommend this book to any young adults who are interested in a story which includes that popular item.

Reviewer Age:13
Reviewer City, State and Country: Fairborn, Ohio USA