Friday, January 08, 2010

Rich Again by Anna Maxted

"Rich Again" by Anna Maxted is as trashy as trashy gets. What little plot there is revolves around Emily, Claudia, their beaus, and their rich, estranged family members. Emily is obsessed with her crush and, being fourteen, readers don't think much will come of it. However, Maxted goes all out to describe horrifically grotesque [pre-marital] sex scenes with the minor. Additionally, Claudia's persona is that of a helpless woman whom needs fulfillment from a man for her existence and even obtains an eating disorder for said reasons. As the book progresses, there is some imminent danger as the family's rich empire is vaguely thwarted, but that ends predictably.

There is so much risque material in this book that readers can skip a good sixty pages and not miss anything other than repugnant sex acts. Also, teen pregnancy is taken lightly in the book, with one part even discussing abortion as perfectly normal. Young girls may see the fashionable cover and think they are to read of glamorous escapades through boutiques, but that is not the case. Readers are better off dismissing all 462 pages of this atrocity and picking up something else that will do more for their self-image and vocabulary.

Swearing, sexual scences, drugs, alcohol...

Reviewer Age:18
Reviewer City, State and Country: Staten Island, NY USA