Sunday, January 17, 2010

Drawing Manga Animals by J.C. Amberlyn

Ever wondered just how the mangakas draw those cute little sidekicks, animals, and chibis? Drawing Manga Animals shows you how to create those little creatures in a step-by-step process. It tells all; everything from heads and bodies to coloring your creations in on the computer using photoshop.

I enjoyed looking through this book and seeing all the pictures. Everything was very simple and in an easy to follow format. The author used both pictures and words to describe how to draw the animals, which was beneficial for me. I'm not very good with drawing, so the fact that there were words and pictures telling me how to draw them helped a lot. I really like the assortment of lessons and animals that it gave. There were real life animals like squirrels and rabbits, but there were also mythical creatures like dragons and kitsune, fox people. Also, the instructions on how to use the computer to color in the drawings were very detailed and showed screenshots to show exactly what should be on the computer screen. I will definitely share this with my friends who love to draw!

Reviewer Age:16
Reviewer City, State and Country: Shippensburg, USA