Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Seven Rays by Jessica Bendinger

Beth Michaels is a straight A high school student taking classes at the local community college. Living with her single mother and hanging out with her best friend, Shirl, is a normal day in Beth's life. Until Beth receives a message saying "You Are More Than You Think You Are" and Beth's life starts to spin out of control. She discovers gold envelopes addressed to someone named Aleph Beth Ray, starts seeing strange images and can read minds. Her mother is definitely keeping something from her and soon Beth begins to think there might be more to the message than she ever thought.

The Seven Rays was an amazing whirlwind of mystery and romance. I never knew what was going to happen next and I was swiftly turning the pages anxious to read more. The author did a terrific job of creating an original plot that kept the reader at the edge of their seat. The characters were excellent as well. They were well developed and original, I enjoyed the alternating chapters about different characters. By the end I couldn't put the book down and the ending was fantastic. I never would have guessed the ending and I really liked how Beth learned a lot about both herself and others by the end of the novel. I also loved how everything tied together in the end, all the characters and the little twists in the plot came together perfectly. I would highly recommend this to anyone and am looking forward to more books by Jessica Bendinger.

Reviewer Age:15
Reviewer City, State and Country: Hightstown, New Jersey USA

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