Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Demon Inside by Stacia Kane

Ever hear a voice whispering in your ear, telling you to do something that you know is wrong? The little voice is a demon, something that everyone has; everyone but psychologist Megan Chase: she killed hers when she was 16. Years later, Megan is now in charge of her own group of demons, though things start becoming horribly wrong when her demons start to explode, along with demons from other families. Megan also discovers a horrifying secret that links her present to a problem in the past. To top it all off, Megan's demon boyfriend, Greyson Dante, is driving her wild, but will not share what he knows about the issue with Megan's past. Can Megan sort everything out and still emerge from the ordeal unscathed?

I thought the novel was enjoyable. Even though most of the main characters were demons, they were still easy to relate with. Also, the author describes the settings as scenarios throughout the novel in great detail, which makes it easier for the reader to understand what is going on and to "see" what is going on in their head. The main plot line is original, and the added touch of romance between Megan and Greyson adds depth to the novel. The story was somewhat confusing at the beginning because it is a sequel; however, within the first 1 or 2 chapters, the author explains what happened in the first novel, which makes the novel much easier to understand and to follow.

Violent scenes and sexual situations.

Reviewer Age: 16

Reviewer City, State and Country: Pottstown, PA United States

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