Saturday, November 21, 2009

Age 14 by Geert Spillebeen

Patrick Condon in 12-years old in Ireland in 1913. Bored with his everyday life, he leaves home and runs away to join the army. He says he is seventeen years old, takes the name of his older brother, and is known from then on as John Condon. One year later, World War I breaks out and John is swept up in the excitement and adventure. He joins his friends at the front and has his mind set on becoming a hero. No one could have predicted the disastrous end of this young boy's quest to become a hero.

Age 14 by Geert Spillebeen, translated by Terese Edelstein is a historical novel about a young Irish boy in World War I. I was initially drawn to the book because of the time period. History is my passion and I thought this book would be a good read. However, it didn't attract me at all once I'd started. The story was fast-paced and very depressing. I believe it was a true story, but I was very unsure throughout. I wasn't satisfied with the ending because it left much to speculation. A young boy leaving his family to join the army and their terrible reaction isn't comforting either. I personally did not enjoy this book but it's up to the reader to decide for themself.

Reviewer Age:14
Reviewer City, State and Country: Braintree, Massachusetts United States