Friday, September 19, 2008

The Order of Odd Fish by James Kennedy

This novel is both fantasy and comedy. I consider this book a comedy because some portions of the story are so ridiculous they are actually funny. The main character is Jo Lauroche, who lives with her Aunt Lily in the California desert. Lily is not Jo's true aunt, but no one knows who Jo is actually related to and Lily has a large, mysterious gap in her memory. Therefore, Lily has raised Jo. Lily used to be a famous actress, and she still throws a big Christmas party every year for her old Hollywood friends. One year, violence suddenly erupts at the party, directed at Jo. Jo and Lily are protected by a Russian colonel and a giant, talking cockroach. Multiple villains, including the one responsible for the violence at the party, begin chasing Jo and Lily. While on the run, Jo, Lily, the cockroach, and the colonel wind up in Eldritch City. Lily then regains her memory and remembers Jo's dark origin. They join the Order of Odd-Fish, which is a group of knights that find useless information. There, Jo learns about her fate while exploring Eldritch City and making friends and enemies.

I liked this book. It was ridiculous but that made it funny. At some points it was too weird to be funny. The plot was very simple. The emphasis of the story was on the outrageous setting and characters. To read this book, it is probably best to like satire and comedy.

Reviewer Age:14

Reviewer City, State and Country: Royersford, PA United States