Thursday, September 25, 2008

Inkdeath by Cornelia Funke

In this spellbinding return of our beloved Inkheart friends, we start off not long after the previous story ended. Even though Meggie and Moe escaped the Adderhead's grip in the last book by binding a book of immortality for him, the Adderhead is after them again. The book is starting to deteriorate, as is the Adderhead; overcome by fear of the White Women. He will stop at nothing to keep living, even if it means kidnapping children in order to reel Moe back into his trap. Meggie and her family are now fully immersed in the Inkworld and any hope of leaving is quickly disappearing. Will the story be saved, or will this made up world become one of it's own?

Wow! This was a completely ingenious ending to a fabulous series. Funke creates such a real world and makes me wish that it were really real to travel into books. The characters were well developed and felt very real and I felt like they were more like well-known friends instead of characters. Funke's kept the plot refreshing and new, keeping me riveted to the story and not bored in the least. I do suggest reading the preceding books in the series, as the author doesn't give a lot of background information and just dives into the story. This is a great book for all ages and I think everyone should take the time to read it. Whether you read it aloud, or read it until you cant read anymore, this story will truly mesmerize you and keep you wanting more. This is by far my favorite book in the series and I dearly wish it wasn't the last!

Reviewer Age:16

Reviewer City, State and Country: Currituck, NC Currituck