Saturday, September 27, 2008

Fashion 101

Have you ever wondered who invented the style of jeans you're wearing? Or who came up with the style of your favorite shirt? This book is a reference book and it gives you a complete look at clothing items in order from A to Z. There are over 200 different entries each containing the item, what to wear it with, what celebrities made it hot, and the designer of it. This book is meant for someone who wants to look up an accessory quickly and learn how to rock it! This book contains everything from shoes, pants, shorts, outerwear, underwear, dresses, and skirts to accessories. For someone looking to better their fashion knowledge this book is for them!
This book is one that I probably would not recommend unless you are someone who is totally into fashion. It had some interesting facts in it but it was nothing that I would want to go and purchase. It's not really something to sit down and read, but more something if you wanted to learn what to wear a black dress with and what accessories would match. This reference book had some nice pictures and a good easy layout to look up things, but I think it had too many side notes and paragraphs about the each item. Overall this book might be one to look in once or twice and that's about it.

Rating: 7
Reviewer Age:15
Reviewer City, State and Country: Carlisle, Pennsylvania