Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Bobbie Faye's (kinda, sorta, not exactly) Family Jewels

"Bobbie Faye's (kinda, sorta, not exactly) Family Jewels" by Toni McGee Causey is an unusual book. The mystery book is set in Cajun country in Louisiana and includes many of Bobbie Faye's crazy relatives. Evidently, Bobbie Faye, a crime solver, had a dangerous escapade in her first book, which included some of the characters in this book. In this funny mystery, Bobbie Faye is asked by her cousin, Francesca, to help find some diamonds that Francesca's Mom took from her Dad. After this request is made, Bobbie Faye is kidnapped by three different groups, all of whom have an interest in the diamonds. Then there is a very handsome FBI agent, assigned to watch over Bobbie Faye and a very handsome detective ex-boyfriend who are also involved in the escapades. Both are vying for Bobbie Faye's affection. Bobbie Faye gets herself into one predicament after another and many crazy characters come out either to help or gawk at her. A celebrity in her town, Bobbie Faye will lead you on a funny, action filled ride.

I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to read something that is funny and light to read. I did find the book confusing in the beginning and wonder if it would have been easier to understand if I had read the first book. Bobbie Faye is a resilient character, not afraid to dive into any problem. But if it is realism you are looking for, this is not the book for you. It is a lighthearted read, with funny situations. Not a book to be taken seriously.

Reviewer Age:16

Reviewer City, State and Country: Finksburg, MD USA

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