Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Ballet Stories by Harriet Castor

The Pirouette is a collection of fiction short stories based on ballet life. Harriet Castor has chosen the stories for the book. The book has sixteen short stories meant for teens. The focus is the different problems and achievements made by young girls in the ballet world. Harriet Castor wrote one story called Grace, based on how a young girl who did not have the dream of ballet but her mom did.

Each of the stories focused on one young lady in the ballet world. One story may be about school and ballet or about repeated frustrations during work outs. Most stories were set in English schools and homes. It was hard to see them due to not knowing England's countryside or the differences in school systems that came up frequently. The book would be wonderful for hopeful future ballerinas. The everyday teen may have a hardtime sticking with the book due to its focus solely on ballet.

Reviewer Age:20

Reviewer City, State and Country: Marble Hill, Missouri Bolliger

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