Friday, April 18, 2008

Violet By Design by Melissa Walker

Violet Greenfield was a skinny and awkward wallflower through high school, up until the point where she was thrusted into the modeling industry; changing her life and even her attitude towards life. She took a trip to New York in "Violet on the Runway" and now she's back to leading a quiet life by the pool, with her best friends Roger and Julie, in "Violet by Design". She loved her break from the modeling industry but she spoke too soon. Her agent, Angela, had soon booked her a show in Brazil where she met a young and quite romantic designer named Paulo. True colors of the modeling world had come into vision, some colors not so pretty. Compared to the Tryst girls in competition with Violet, Paulo had more influence on her than she thought. Living wealthy was something Violet could get used to, but the soon to come heartbreak was a change most unwelcome. Soon Myspace blogs, paparazzi, and dangerous habits overwhelm and threaten her career and even her relationship with friends. A downward spiral of young and beautiful, Carolina raised, Violet Greenfield could make or break her international modeling career forever.

I thought this book was one of the best books I have ever read! I lead a very busy life and often I was tempted away from reading, but this book somehow made it so I just couldn't resist! The modeling industry is something I have always dreamt about and the real life references in this book made it oh so believable and surreal at the same time! So many parallels in this book were made between the life a model leads and the effect that it has on modern day children growing up; as well as the effect society and the way our expectations effect not only models. The element of surprise was FANTASTIC in this book. Not only did it present a problem but it presented five more! Where ever Violet traveled, she encountered something new and each and every time it resulted in either another problem, or an unexpected solution, each time stunning myself. I applaud Melissa Walker in her attempt and absolute success to write a MASTERPIECE!

Profanity was a large part of this book's dialogue in addition to eating disorders, sexual behavior, drinking, and other adult content.

Reviewer Age:15

Reviewer City, State and Country: , PA USA

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