Sunday, April 27, 2008

Gospel of the Guns by Sean Chandler

This novel is a western with a little bit of religion. Its purpose is to entertain. In the beginning of the novel, Jeremaih Irons is called Judas in the Disciple Gang, led by the crazed Lucif R. Shadows. Each of the members is named after one of the disciples, and they travel the west spreading fear. Jeremiah is then suspected of stealing money from the gang. He must flee for his life after delivering what he thought was a fatal wound to Lucif. While on the run, he must evade the other members of the gang that are bent on revenge. Jeremiah ends up traveling with a preacher to start a new life in Wewoka. On the way, the preacher is shot and Jeremiah pretends to be him. In the town, Jeremiah learns that he has a natural ability to preach, and he meets the love of his life, Hope West. However, ghosts of his past, including Lucif, trace his to Wewoka and threaten to destroy his new life.

I enjoyed reading the novel. There were a few internal conflicts between Jeremiah's instincts and conscience, but it was mainly a western outlaw novel. There was both action and romance. The idea of a gang of outlaws naming themselves after disciples is unique and entertaining without making fun of religion. The plot also had enough twists to keep the story interesting. The ending left room for a sequel, but concluded most of the plot. All in all, the story was fun and action-packed.

This book had lots of violence both explicit and implied. There were some religious references as well, but a non-Christian could still enjoy the story.

Reviewer Age:14
Reviewer City, State and Country: Royersford, PA United States

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