Friday, April 25, 2008

The Fold by An Na

Can one line (fold) make all the difference? When Joyce's
aunt wins the lottery, she decides to give Joyce a
makeover. This is what Joyce has always wanted, until she
realizes that to get the beautiful Asian eyelid fold
would mean a painful surgery. Joyce has second thoughts
about whether or not one fold will change her looks enough
to get John Ford Kang (JFK) to notice her. Also whether,
thanks to the fold, she would ever be as gorgeous as her
older sister, Helen. Is she willing to risk possible
complications of the surgery just to impress people that
should already love her for who she really is?

I think
that The Fold was an okay book, but that the whole plot of
the story was kind of weird and didn't really make a lot
of sense. I don't see why anyone would have such an issue
about whether or not to get a fold on her eyelids. I also
didn't like how the author wrote about the older daughter
being a lesbian because as a Christian it made me
personally feel uncomfortable reading about it. I liked
how the author had a constant rivalry going between the
two sisters. I just didn't like how Joyce always thought
that everyone had a better life than her and how she was
always complaining about her sister and how muchbetter"
she was. Overall, The Fold was a decent book that I
recommend to teenage girls wanting a different kind of
summer read.

This book does have a character with an alternative

Reviewer Age:14

Reviewer City, State and
Country: Upper Strasburg, PA United States

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