Saturday, February 02, 2008

When The Cat's Away

Jake Novak doesn't like cats, but the co-heir of the beach
house where he lives, Mary Katherine "Kate" Forrest, has
two, Jacques and Cleo. Jacques is a special cat and has
helped solve two mysteries. When White Sands, Alabama,
their hometown, is chosen for the location of an
international cat show, their owner, Kate, enters the
beautiful Cleo in the show. Then when a couple of the
favorite contenders disappear, one of them being Cleo, Jake
is hired to find out who is catnapping them. Later when a
murder takes place, things get serious and Jacques knows he
needs to investigate on his own so the case can get solved.

When the Cat's Away is the third book in the Jacques &
Cleo, Cat Detectives series by Gilbert Morris. I didn't
think this book had very much action even though it was a
mystery, so it was somewhat boring. I also found that since
this is the third book in the series, and I was already
familiar with the characters and their development that the
continued repetition of details drove me crazy. The book was
really more for adults but older teens might also enjoy it.
I didn't like the character of Jake very much because he
acted like a jerk a lot of the time, but once in awhile he
would do something nice for someone. Of the three books in
this series, I think this one is my favorite because Ocie
finally accepted Christ and Rhiannon met a new friend.
Rating (0 - 10 scale): 7

Reviewer Age:14

Reviewer City, State and Country:
Upper Strasburg, PA United States

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