Monday, February 04, 2008

Slippery Slopes

Slippery Slopes is about a group of friends who are
working at the Les Trois, the fabulous ski resort in Europe,
where the rich and famous people come to ski and socialize.
The main characters, Melissa and Dove, are covering for
another friend, Harley, who is on vacation in the Tropics.
Melissa is working as the host, greeting and meeting all the
famous people that come and stay at the resort. Dove, on
the other hand, is working in the kitchen as a chef,
preparing all the food at the resort. The biggest party of
the year is coming up soon and Melissa is in charge of
overseeing all the planning and events for the ball. Dove
is in charge with planning a spectacular menu that will live
up the other parties in the past. With all the pressure of
planning and throwing an equally spectacular ball, as in the
past, the girls must somehow find time for their own social
life. While working at the resort they meet plenty of
people and have many invitations to a lot of the parties,
dances and skiing events. To complicate the planning,
Melissa has a lot of the ski bums after her, and Dove is
trying hard to stay loyal to her boyfriend back home.

I thought the book was so-so. It was hard to stay
focused, it skipped around a lot. The author, Emily
Franklin, did describe the characters fairly well as she
made you feel like you were at the resort with the
characters in the story. I felt that the characters
sometimes over reacted in some situations that they had to
deal with in the story. Overall, the book pretty much held
my interest. I would recommend this book to others because
it did have a good story line.

This book has relational scenes and profane language.
The underwriter of this book was Liz Bloom.
Rating (1-10) 7

Reviewer Age:13

Reviewer City, State and Country: Minooka, Il United States