Sunday, March 19, 2006

To Light A Candle by Mercedes Lackey and James Mallory

The books starts out with Kellen, Jermayan, Vestakia, and Shalken returning from destroying the barrier that kept the elven lands in a drought. While those four are settling into their old and new lives evil is planting itself within the city of Armethalieh. Armethalieh is has a problem that if not solved could lead to starvation of all of its people, but nothing is being done about the problem because the High Council is more concered about politics than about the good of the city. Cilarnen, a mage of Armethalieh, sees the food problem and with the help of friends plans on fixing the problem. Before Cilarnen and his friends can act on their plan they are caught and charged for treason, and Cilarnen ends up banished from Armethalieh. The only thing that stops Cilarnen from certain death is an elf who helps him get pass the borders of the city and then leaves him in a centaur village. Cilarnen lives his life in the centaur village until one day when the village is attacked by a demon and recieves a message that he must give to Kellen. Kellen is working with the elven army and its allies to rid the elven land of the creatures of the demons that threaten all of the residents in the elven land. The servant of the demon queen has risen in power and plans to help the demon queen gain control of Armethalieh. If the demon queen gains control of the city it could mean the destruction of all the creatures of light.

I liked the book. The characters in it were well written, and every character had their own personality that in the end helped their cause to prevail against the evil demons and the demon creatures. The authors of the book did a really good job at bring the reader into the story by writing descriptive paragraphs that allowed the reader to easily picture the situations and the surroudings of the characters. My favorite part of the book is the ending when the elven army finally learns what the true intent of the demons is. That was my favorite part because the whole book leads up to the elves finally learning what the demons are doing and because that knowledge gives the elves the chance to defeat the demons and save all the creatures of light. The book was really good because it leaves you wanting to read the next in the series so that you can finally learn if light will triumph over darness.

Rating (0 - 10 scale): 10
Reviewer Age: 14
Reviewer City, State and Country: Tucson, Arizona U.S.

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