Sunday, September 04, 2005


Chopstick is the story of Paige Winsome and Kate Kennedy, who both love music. Paige needed a guitar and Kate emailed her back about one she would sell her. When they met up at their dads' same work place, Rainmaker, one of the the largest employers in Snake River Valley, Paige buys the guitar from Kate and invites her to Two Trees, a Chinese resturant and she accepts. When they are done with their meal, they decide that they should have something that symbolizes their love of music. Kate looked around a minute and discovered they could each wear a chopstick in their hair as the symbol and that's how their friendship began. Each girl is in the same singer-songwriter contest to compete for the four dollar prize so that they can give it to charity, as they find out later. Will this contest ruin their friendship or make it better? Find out in this awesome book called Chopstick, the second book of the Friends For A Season series. There are four books in this series and there's a website too at

This book is on fire! You will think so too as soon as you start reading Chopstick. I will admit at first it was a little hard to understand until I figured out that Chopstick alternates from Paige's to Kate's perspective the whole way through this book. Each girl is telling the story of their own life and how they meet up with one another and become the greatest friends anyone could ever have. Now if you ask me I think this book sounds awesome and it really is. I think you definitely should buy this book if you like books about competition.
Rating (0 - 10 scale): 10
Flamingnet Reviewer Age: 11
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