Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Totally Joe By: James Howe

This book takes place in the present day in a small town called Paintbrush Falls. Joe Bunch is your typical teenager. He has bullies to deal with, wacko teachers, but Joe also has something a lot of us don't have to deal with; he is gay. Now Joe is fine with all of Paintbrush Falls knowing he is gay, but his boyfriend Collin isn't. So throughout the book Joe and his friends try to convince Paintbrush Falls that there is nothing wrong with being gay. Then when Joe's Aunt Pam brings Joe a ton of supporting gay birthday presents, Joe resolves to put 100% into convincing Paintbrush Falls.

I thought that the style Mr. Howe wrote the book fit really well with the story plot. It chronicals Joe's life from the beginning of the school year in October to the end of the school year in May. Unfortunetly it was hard at first for me to get a grip of what was going on, but soon afterwards I got it. Overall the book is a must read and I reccomend it highly to all avid readers.

Rating: 9

Reviewed by a Flamingnet Student Reviewer

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