Thursday, May 05, 2016

A new student review of Packing Evil by P. E. Yudkoff

jotaf posted a new student review of Packing Evil by P. E. Yudkoff. See the full review.

Packing Evil ​was a very well-written book with lots of action that will keep your interest from start to finish. I loved the descriptions in this book; they really made it come alive and pop. For example, these are a couple sentences from the book: “Only the front porch railing was touched by the sun which lit up a row of pointy, red spindles. To Sydney they looked like bloody teeth waiting to grab her.” Also, it was interesting that the author had such a unique way to help out Pack when he was in trouble.


The one thing I felt it needed was a bit more structure and build-up in the beginning; it was a little rushed. I would recommend this book to ages 13 and up due to a bit of language, and to fans of books where the heroes have to go through challenges to get to their ultimate goal. Just to warn you, though, it has a cliffhanger ending. Hopefully the second book will resolve some of the questions the reader is left with.