Tuesday, May 10, 2016

A new student review of Island Treasures by Alma Flor Ada

ScienceMan18 posted a new student review of Island Treasures by Alma Flor Ada. See the full review.

I think this a good book and gives insight into the life of a girl growing up in Cuba. The book shows the importance of being loved, such as when the Uncle loses his students and the caretaker burns his hand. The book also demonstrates the customs and rituals of another country.

I like how the book was divided into several mini stories that describe the key different parts of her life. I chose to review this book to discover what life in Cuba is like for the girl and the writing described this well.

I think the writing is a little slow paced and did not get to the point fast enough. But overall it was very good.

The book portrays throughout that perseverance is important: no matter what problem the family faced, they would get through it.

There was some mature content as people fake death and there are weapons. The caretaker, Somone, also burns his hands very badly.