Friday, January 09, 2015

A new student review of Stella by Starlight

Star360 posted a new student review of Stella by Starlight . See the full review.

Stella by Starlight is a fantastic introduction for young readers to segregation in the American South. The main character, Stella Mills, is a brave, inquisitive girl who observes the harsh events going on with an age-appropriate sense of justice. Her occasional flaws in school and uncertainties make her accessible to readers. Stella’s close-knit African-American community is portrayed with vivid detail, from the descriptions of the kids running barefoot to the many classic foods (fried chicken, anyone?). Real events, like the election of Franklin D. Roosevelt, are smoothly twined into the plot to keep younger readers engaged. Charming chapters that are just Stella’s “reporting” and homework assignments use different fonts that feels realistic. As for the novel as a whole, it tackles the issues of racism with suitable tact, but it delves into violence in order for readers to understand how awful life could get for groups being discriminated against. To get entertained with a smart, fast-moving plot and learn some history to boot, read Stella by Starlight.