Friday, January 23, 2015

A new student review of The Shadow Lantern by Teresa Flavin

Ravette posted a new student review of The Shadow Lantern by Teresa Flavin. See the full review.

The amount of detail in this novel was truly astounding. I struggle to find the appropriate words to describe how the Shadowlands from the painted slides and Arcadia from The Marineer's Return to Arcadia actually combined into one "thing." More or less, it was like trying to make sense out of Wonderland. Despite that, I loved the way the story played out. Even more so, I enjoyed Marin and Angus's reappearances; which were unexpected, but pleasing all the same. An even more shocking detail was the reappearance of Lady Ishbel, who had died in the second novel after leaving the labyrinth. She had "reappeared" as a spirit that haunted Sunni for a short time before returning inside the painting. As an added bonus, there was even a little romance between Sunni and Blaise; which I thought was, for lack of a better word, adorable. All in all, I enjoyed this novel to the fullest and I highly recommend the series to anyone interested in art, magic, and adventure.