Tuesday, January 07, 2014

A new student review of Echo

tlang posted a new student review of Echo . See the full review.

I enjoyed this book very much. I love each and everyone of the characters, they each have their own wonderful personalities that is just great. I hate Calli, the whole time she is mentioned.  I just wanted to jump in the story and slap her for being a terrible mother. How can a mom make her daughter feel useless and unloved? Makes her feel like her mother only wants to see her screw something up. When Echo does something great, her mother makes fun of her with something else. I believe the cause of Echo wanting to loose so much weight is because of her mother always saying she got so fat during Christmas that she believes Echo will never loose it. Now look at Calli; your daughter is starving herself because of you.  I truly believe that this is a good lesson for all girls and boys who think that they are not perfect cause of their weight. There are so many people who do this; stop eating and then pukes themselves to get rid of any food; it's sickening. Can't you see that you're beautiful just the way you are? We all change in life, we just need to accept that and enjoy our lives.