Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A new student review of Crash by Lisa McMann

RavenWing posted a new student review of Crash by Lisa McMann. See the full review.

I really enjoyed this book (I couldn’t out it down and finished it in a day). There were some parts that could have been better, but overall it was really good. This book is kind of a mystery. What I mean by this is that throughout the book Jules works to figure out the “mystery” of the crash. Because of this aspect, there are some scenes in the book where she’s missing something and you sit there thinking it’s completely obvious.

The Romance: From the beginning of the book, Jules is star struck. She keeps pining over the guy that won’t give her a sideways glance. At times, I thought this was annoying for I didn’t want to hear all about her fantasies about this guy. But at the end of the book, the relationship between these two is very well played out.

Other than the visions, this book is more like a mystery. Not that it’s not good, but it has different aspects. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes mystery or fantasy books. This book is written by the author of the Wake trilogy, a popular series which also very good. If you just want a nice short book for a quick read, this is an excellent choice.